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MAC Free Shipping!!!

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Allure/Dior Giveaway

Any beauty junkie knows that ALLURE magazine is the print source for all things beauty. They also have some super sweet giveaways. The latest and greatest is DIOR's spring 2009 makeup collection — it's filled with gorgeous pinks, nudes, and taupes. Enter now for your chance to win it all: three eye-shadow palettes, eight lip colors, a limited-edition face palette (it's an Editors' Favorite), nail polishes, and more—all worth more than $500!! Just look at how pretty those colors are. Win this collection, and you'll be the loveliest spring flower around. That is, if spring could hurry up and get here...


In these sad times of severe economic downturn, instead of buying new stuff (ok, instead of buying new stuff at my previous level of spending), I'm trying to go through my considerable stash of beauty products and revisit them - see what works now, items that I may have not given enough of a chance to win me over before, for whatever reason. I find it very difficult to throw cosmetics away - unless they smell funky or separate, obviously, those have to go. But I figure you never know - you might just need that orange nailpolish for something! Anyhoo - I recently picked out a NARS eyeliner pencil in a shade called Mambo and have been using it nearly everyday! NARS describes it as a warm chocolate brown, but to me it looks more like a shade one might refer to as "eggplant." I was surprised to see NARS categorized it as brown. As a brown-eyed girl, I find the eggplanty-brown shade makes my eyes pop, but is not quite as harsh as black (for day) or quite as ho-hum as basic br…