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Intervention Update

I'm a couple days into Phase 2 of the Olay 14 Day Skin Intervention, and so far, well, I don't see any difference. Really, I'm looking, but nothing. Is this one of those products that's meant for people who already have great skin, and it just makes their already great skin look even better? Because I don't have great skin, and I could use the help.

Anyway, Phase 2 is supposed to have a "high concentration of Olay's peptide-B3-complex" that is supposed to give you a lifted look. We'll see. I still have a few days left. One thing I like is that it's a finite treatment, meaning, that it's over in 14 days. I don't have to wait 4, 6 or 8 weeks to know if something is working or not. After 14 days, I'm done.

InStyle, April '08: Part I

April's issue of InStyle magazine is titled The Color Issue, and appropriately, cover girl Renee Zellweger's makeup is blooming with pretty, fresh, springtime hues! I think Renee looks beautiful on this cover. In fact, I've written to InStyle requesting the name of the lipcolor she is wearing - I want it! It just screams spring to me, and I need a change from my pinky-beige neutral (though I still love it). If anyone reading knows what it is, please share, or if you've found a lipcolor that you think is similar, kindly let us know, too.

Now, I'm not the biggest Renee Zellweger fan, and not because I think she's a bad actress. I think she's a very good actress. She was fantastic in Nurse Betty, and who didn't adore her in Jerry McGuire. But when I watch her walk the Red Carpet, or come out onstage to present an award, I can't help but wonder what is wrong with her. She almost looks like she's in physical pain. Her lips are pursed, and her eyes are…

Health = Beauty

"I was vain."

That is the first line of an article featured in the March 13th edition (sorry - I'm a little behind in some of my reading!) of The New York Times in its Thursday Styles section called Lasik Surgery: When The Fine Print Applies To You. I want to mention this article because even though the main purpose of this blog is to be informative and to have fun dishing about makeup and beauty products, I felt that this article could be eye-opening (no pun intended) to any of you who may be considering Lasik surgery. The author, Abby Ellin, knew several people who successfully underwent Lasik surgery. But as we all know, or, as we all SHOULD know, there are always risks when it comes to surgery (unfortunately, today there is news of a young woman dying during breast augmentation surgery). Of course, we all hope we'll never be the statistic, one of "the few" whose surgery didn't go as planned, but that's exactly what happened to Ms. Ellin, even tho…

Better Skin in 14 Days? Yes, Please, Yes!!

Ok, I broke down and shelled out the $22.50 (it was on sale at my grocery store) and bought the Olay Regenerist 14 Day Skin Intervention that consists of "14 individual anti-age treatments for an intensive intervention to your normal skincare routine." There are two phases and you use each phase instead if your usual nightly moisturizer for two weeks. I have used three nights' worth so far. While I haven't noticed any changes yet, I will say the first phase treatment is really nice to apply. I think some people might say it's greasy, but it's really more velvety. It has a nice slip to it, and almost feels a teeny bit powdery (but doesn't look that way at all). I like the texture a lot. I wonder if any of the other Olay products have the same feel - I might buy one just for that reason alone. But I am keeping a positive attitude that at the end of the two week period, my skin will have a nice healthy glow to it. Uh, coincidentally, (wink-wink) the day afte…