Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Health = Beauty

"I was vain."

That is the first line of an article featured in the March 13th edition (sorry - I'm a little behind in some of my reading!) of The New York Times in its Thursday Styles section called Lasik Surgery: When The Fine Print Applies To You. I want to mention this article because even though the main purpose of this blog is to be informative and to have fun dishing about makeup and beauty products, I felt that this article could be eye-opening (no pun intended) to any of you who may be considering Lasik surgery. The author, Abby Ellin, knew several people who successfully underwent Lasik surgery. But as we all know, or, as we all SHOULD know, there are always risks when it comes to surgery (unfortunately, today there is news of a young woman dying during breast augmentation surgery). Of course, we all hope we'll never be the statistic, one of "the few" whose surgery didn't go as planned, but that's exactly what happened to Ms. Ellin, even though she did inquire about the risks. She now lives with blurry vision and dry eyes, something I know about having been diagnosed with Chronic Dry Eye last summer. It's not fun, and also being somewhat vain, I hate having to constantly worry that my eyes are red, making me look like a stoner (do people still use that word, or am I giving away my age?!). I titled this post Health = Beauty because I know I feel my most beautiful when I am healthy because being healthy makes me happy and happiness makes me feel beautiful, and therefore, Health = Beauty. Fun how that worked out, huh?

I am not writing this to deter people from Lasik or any other elective surgery, but just in case any of you are considering some type of surgery read this article, and please do your research on the possible risks, research your doctor(s), and really think about what would happen if you are one of "the few."

Don't let your vanity cause you a lifetime of regret.

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