Thursday, March 27, 2008

InStyle, April '08: Part I

April's issue of InStyle magazine is titled The Color Issue, and appropriately, cover girl Renee Zellweger's makeup is blooming with pretty, fresh, springtime hues! I think Renee looks beautiful on this cover. In fact, I've written to InStyle requesting the name of the lipcolor she is wearing - I want it! It just screams spring to me, and I need a change from my pinky-beige neutral (though I still love it). If anyone reading knows what it is, please share, or if you've found a lipcolor that you think is similar, kindly let us know, too.

Now, I'm not the biggest Renee Zellweger fan, and not because I think she's a bad actress. I think she's a very good actress. She was fantastic in Nurse Betty, and who didn't adore her in Jerry McGuire. But when I watch her walk the Red Carpet, or come out onstage to present an award, I can't help but wonder what is wrong with her. She almost looks like she's in physical pain. Her lips are pursed, and her eyes are so squinty, I'm not even sure how she can see to make it to the stage! Her walk is so stiff. And she is like that every time. Her poses are just that, posed. I know that all the Hollywood actresses/celebs have a stance or two they prefer, but she really works it, and I don't think it's necessarily working for her anymore. It annoys me to no end, particularly at the Oscars this year. The reason I like this cover shot of her so much is that she looks relaxed - she's smiling - no, no teeth showing, but it's still a nice smile - and you can see her eyes. She looks open and friendly. I don't like to bust on people too much, especially someone who actually has talent like Renee does, but that Red Carpet posing is too much for me. Give us this pretty smile Renee when Awards season rolls back around!


Stephanie said...

I don't know what lip color Renee is wearing, but I just discovered a new Chanel color I love, Rouge Hydrabase creme lipstick in Leopard--it's a coral with a golden tone and feels very spring/summer.

Laura said...

Thanks, Stephanie, I will check that shade out. For some reason, which escapes me now, I was thinking it was a Chanel lipstick she was wearing - maybe a photo of the photo shoot showed a Chanel lipstick?? I have to say, I love that the name is Leopard!