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The "Bzz" on Max Factor

NO, I didn't misspell Bzz -- that's how it's spelled according to, the leading word-of-mouth media network. What that means is BzzAgent is hired by companies who want to get the word out about their product or service and gets people like me (a "BzzAgent") to spread the word after receiving samples of said product. I recently received samples (actually, full-size products) of some items from the revamped Max Factor line. I was pretty darn excited -- in the past I've gotten air freshener and coupons for free yogurt from BzzAgent, which was cool -- I love free anything, but to get free makeup?! AWESOME!

This is what I received in my BzzKit: MAX Factor ColorGenius Blush, Volume Couture Mascara, a Blush Brush, and Lipfinity Lustres Lip Color. I have tried the first three items. I have not tried the lip color yet only because it's really not my shade (based on the color in the tube. Since it is supposed to last for up to 16 hours and I'm pretty sure I'm going to like the color on me, I figure I'd better test it when I know I won't have to leave the house in case it really isn't my shade at all!!). I review that later - I really want to see just how long it lasts.

The MAX Factor ColorGenius Blush I received is a three color blush that you swirl together with the Blush Brush. My blush shade(s) is Peaches (when responding to the "invitation" from BzzAgent to join the Max Factor "campaign," I had to chose between Peach and Rose shades, and I picked Peach). I like the blush, nothing extraordinary about it, but it's nice and I like that you can swirl all the colors together, or use them individually. The lightest shade is a nice highlighter, and the deeper shade allows you to, uh, contour (I know, that's such an 80's thing, but sometimes you just need to do it). I really like the Blush Brush. It is not small, like the ones that come with blush (think CoverGirl), and it's not big like a bronzer or powder brush either. It really is the perfect in-between size, and lets you apply just the right amount of blush just where you need it. It's a natural hair brush, too, and at, it was only $4.09!! That's an incredible price for a natural hair brush - or even a synthetic one. Or any brush. That's a good deal.

The Volume Couture Mascara is also nice, but also not extraordinary. Certainly not "couture" makeup, in my book (though it does come in Auburn, which I think could be fun to try). I thought it was funny that the Max Factor ads these days have a very dramatically made-up Carmen Electra, and yet this mascara is more one that I would use for daytime. It went on smoothly, and did give me quite a but of length (even though the name has the word Volume in it). I put my glasses on right after applying, and had to wipe the inside of my lenses off because my lashes were hitting them! I like it, but I don't see it displacing my L'Oreal Voluminous as my everyday mascara.

All in all, I'm glad I got the opportunity to try a few of the Max Factor products. While I have lots of respect for all that Max Factor has stood for in the history of makeup and Hollywood glamour, I pretty much had written this line off as "stuff my mother would have worn." I can't promise I'll be stocking up on Max Factor products, but I won't pass them by in the cosmetic aisle without looking at them anymore, either.


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