Wednesday, October 22, 2008

But What If You Live In A Blue State?

Stila has come out with a lipstick called Rock the Vote Red in honor of this year's Presidential Election. See, you can be civic-minded AND pretty, too! A percentage of sales of this highly-qualified lipstick will go to Rock The Vote. And if you haven't registered to vote - well, you might be too late (please check your state's registration guidelines), but you could always volunteer to make phone calls or hand out flyers or at least slap a bumper sticker on your car for the candidate you support. Do something!! Like buy a lipstick, perhaps?!

And you know what? Since this is my blog, I want to show my support for Barack Obama! And my fellow Univ. of Delaware alum Joe Biden (no, we didn't attend at the same time, just went to the same school- many years apart). Go Dems!

But I will say, Sarah Palin gets my vote for best lip color and overall makeup - any ideas what she's got going on there in terms of brands and shades?

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