Friday, May 16, 2008

The Hunt for Bronzer Begins

Now that the warm weather is here (well, most days anyway. Today, in my neck of the woods, - shoutout to Al Roker there- is kinda nasty and chilly), I'm feeling the need to be a little less pale. Of course, no color on my cheeks will come from the actual rays of the sun, I need a faux-glow! But I have never been able to find a bronzer that I Can't Live Without. I am fair skinned, and most of the bronzers I've tried are way too dark, and end up looking muddy. Or they are too shimmery, and settle into my pores and look terrible. I did buy a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Pink last year hoping that for light skin the pink might me enough of a glow, but it really didn't work for me as a bronzer (maybe because it's pink and not bronze, yes, I know what you're thinking) but I thought perhaps going with a pink glow instead of the darker bronze would be a better choice. The Shimmer Brick is nice, but not what I was hoping for. I do use it occasionally for highlighting, but it's too much for me to use all over my face, since I don't have great skin - it just accents the imperfections.

Just be-boppin' around the web, checking out some of my fave sites, I found this Laura Mercier Pressed Powder that might be worth a try. According to, this pressed powder "is a silky smooth bronzing powder that glides on evenly giving the skin a soft luminosity and healthy glow without looking unnatural or heavy." Sounds great to me! The color looks light enough for fair skin, but, of course, I'll need to head to my local Nordstrom to check it out in per
son. At $32, it's a bit too steep to take a chance on ordering it online without testing it first. But I am encouraged by the color. I am heading to the grocery store this afternoon, so I'll see what my less expensive options are there, and who knows, maybe my hunt for the perfect bronzer will be over before I get to the frozen food section.

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