Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can She BE More Beautiful?!

Ok, we all know Angelina is gorgeous. Well, except for that moron Donald Trump, but then again, he goes out in public with that hair of his. 'Nuf said. Anyway, when I saw this cover shot of Angie, I was blown away. I think this may be the most beautiful pic I've ever seen of her - though there are many, many incredible ones to choose from. She can't take a bad one. I think maybe I like this one so much because I love big hair, and while I don't like makeup that is heavy and caked-on, I do appreciate her oh-so-glam makeup in this shot. The bold, velvety red lips against the fair skin, and the defined, but not too heavily, eyes. And the pillowy boobs, don't forget them, as if you could. So not fair that someone (who is not me!) can be that gorgeous.

Oh, yeah, I want to read the article, too.

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