Sunday, June 29, 2008

Makeup Tip for Curled Eyelash Challenged

You all might know this already, but somehow this beauty tidbit has alluded me all these years: If you have hard to curl eyelashes, curl first with your eyelash curler and then apply waterproof mascara! I recently bought CoverGirl LashBlast mascara and accidentally bought the waterproof version. I was ready to return it to the store, but I thought, hey, it's summer. There will be swimming, and other water-related activities, maybe it's a good idea to have at least one waterproof mascara in my arsenal of lash enhancers. While I was not overwhelmed by LashBlast, and was very disappointed by not being overwhelmed, I was astounded by the fact that my eyelashes remained curled ALL DAY after applying this mascara. I did use an eyelash curler first, and then applied the mascara. Usually after I apply mascara, even after using a curler first, my eyelashes uncurl, maybe not going all the way back to straight, but definitely not holding the curl made by the curler. This even happened with the Lancome curling mascara, Courbe Virtuôse - I literally watched as my eyelashes "deflated." $23.50 mascara that promises lashes that curl past 90 degrees for 12 hours, and my lashes do the exact opposite. I even thought I'd then help the mascara out by curling the lashes first, and my lashes still unfurled the curl when I put on the mascara. Having used several different Lancome mascaras previously and liking them, I was shocked at the dismal performance of Courbe Virtuôse. I had even thrown away my receipt thinking that, of course, this Lancome mascara would work. Ok, maybe I wouldn't get crazy curled eyelashes, but I thought they would at least keep a curl. Ah, no such luck, and I'm out $23.50!

Now, I don't think I will make LashBlast waterproof formula my everyday mascara. It really did not give me the blast of lashes I expected. It was also a little too "wet" for me - it went on a little gloppily for my liking, making for somewhat sloppy application. Plus, and this is a big plus, it requires a lot of work to remove it -- many, many cottonballs soaked with eye makeup remover, and I am much too lazy to deal with that every night, especially when I'm exhausted and trying to get to bed. And though I am one who does wash her makeup off every night before going to sleep, I did a little experiment one night while wearing the Lash Blast to see if my lashes would still be curled the next morning, and they were! (Ok, ok, maybe I also didn't feel like dealing with taking off the LashBlast that night). I also noticed that my eyelashes stayed curled (though not as dramatically as with LashBlast) when I used Prescriptives Here To Stay24-Hour Longwear Mascara. And, no, I don't know exactly why or what it is in the waterproof formulas that keep the eyelashes curled, but it works. So now my mission is to find the waterproof mascara that delivers volume and lengthening effects while not adding an additional 5 minutes to my nighttime makeup removal routine! Oh, dream mascara, where are you?!

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