Monday, November 3, 2008

It Doesn't Do It All, But It Does Enough

Recently, the sole cosmetic/beauty product store in my town went out of business. The store was called Plain Jane, and they had an amazing selection of products (it certainly was not because of me that they went out of business!). They had a closing sale: 50% off everything!! Not the time for my hubbie to be out of a job. I really could have done some damage, but I controlled myself, and bought only $85 worth of stuff (that's after the half-off discount). One of the things I picked up was BUMBLE AND BUMBLE's does it all Styling Spray. I used it a few times, thought it was ok, very light hold, but nothing special as a hairspray. Then, I read the back of the can and realized it's not really a hairspray in the traditional Aqua Net sense. Before styling, you are instructed to hold about 10 inches away from hair and spray in fluid, even strokes; when using with heat tools, separate hair into sections and mist each just prior to contact. So I did that before using my hot rollers, and it did the trick! I have fine hair, but a decent amount of it, and my curls tend to fall a lot sooner then I would like. But at the end of the day after using does it all, my curls were still in place and my hair had a good amount of fullness left (I'm a big hair girl, y'all - lived in Atlanta for a while). I'm still stuck on hairspray, but anything that can keep curls in without making my hair crunchy, is a great buy - I may even pay full price next time!

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