Monday, November 17, 2008

Who Cares What It Smells Like!

This is a perfume review of a perfume I have NOT smelled! Ok, I'll admit it, I really could care less about the perfume. I've fallen for the superficial - the beautiful outside, not the inside that's supposed to be what you're supposed to love. The new VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Feerie Eau de Parfum is what has caught my fancy. And I mean fancy - the bottle is so gorgeous! It really seems more like an objet d'art rather than a the means by which to contain a fragrance. The base of the bottle is like a large blue sapphire and it is topped with a sleek silver "branch" upon which a tiny silver fairy is perched. And I'm not talking Tinkerbell here. Now, I have found memories of Tinkerbell, but I am no longer five years old and am over the fairy thing. But this fairy (or "FĂ©erie") is an elegant bit of whimsy that is all grown up. This is one of those bottles that belongs front and center on a beautiful vanity, where a woman sits in a white satin robe and daintily applies her makeup (flawlessly, of course), and then as the last step in her beauty ritual, dabs a scent behind her ears from a stunning jewel-like flacon. Ah, how lovely - great fantasy, too bad that's not me, but I still would love to have this bottle on my dresser.

Now here's to hoping its scent is as winning as its bottle's design. Here's what the blend is:

• Top notes: Violet, Red Berries (Black Currant) Italian Mandarin.
• Middle notes: Bulgarian Rose and Egyptian Jasmine.
• Bottom Notes: Iris Butter and Vetiver.

Available at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. 3.3 oz. $150.

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LCS said...

Your right-that bottle is really cool!