Thursday, April 3, 2008

Can't Live Without Featured Product!!!

It hit me that this product is definitely one of my Can't Live Withouts when I finished a bottle of it, and though I was sad it was empty, I was comforted by the fact that I had two full bottles already purchased and safely stashed in my bursting product closet (a/k/a the linen closet)! Bliss's Super Slough Scrub is a must-have for the shower. There are so many things to like about it. First, the fresh scent hits you. It's almost a masculine scent - not in a leathery, cigar type way - just fresh, almost beachy, not perfumey, not floral (I don't mind floral, this just isn't floral) and the scent doesn't interfere with your perfume later. Second, it is not too harsh as a scrub. Some can tear you up! This does the job but without being scratchy. Third, it's not greasy, doesn't leave an oily residue behind. Fourth, for me, most importantly, this helps me get a really smooth shave on my legs. Scrub up before you shave (rinse the scrub off before you shave), and presto, nice smooth legs. Follow with some Neutrogena Body Oil (light sesame formula) and you're ready for that short skirt (not too short, ladies!!).


BeautyTalk said...

I've been looking for a good scrub, gotta try this out!

BeautyChick101 said...

This scrub is fantastic. I'm in love with everything Bliss -- and this is one of my must-haves!