Monday, April 28, 2008


Ohmigosh!! So I open my front door, and to my complete surprise, a lovely back and white Sephora box is just sitting there outside, like a mirage in the desert. But, I say to myself, I haven't placed a Sephora order, what could this be? I look at the label, and lo and behold, it is addressed to my husband! Now, before you jump to any crazy conclusions - ha ha - my birthday is coming up, and my wonderful hubby got me something from Sephora!! Does he know me well, or what? Well, I guess that will be determined when I get to open the box, which, unfortunately will not be until May 20th...blurg! (as Liz Lemon on 30 Rock would exclaim) - torture to have to wait sooooooo long to find out what is in the Sephora box!!! I hope it is the new Sephora book. I want to order it right now, but now that I have this mystery Sephora box, I don't want to jinx my self and end up with two copies. He did say he got free shipping, so that means he at least spent $50 (Sephora has been running a free shipping offer with $50 purchase, but they always ship free with a $75 purchase) so there has to be something else in there (and maybe a few free samples thrown in? Not sure if they come with the $50 free shipping or just the $75). I'm sure y'all are very curious as to what's in the box, and I will be sure to let you know... in 22 loooong days!

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