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Bumble and bumble Hair Powder

For Labor Day, I thought I'd write about a product that can make your hair care routine decidedly less labor-intensive! I've been trying to find a dry shampoo for months now, and have been disappointed until now. This Bumble and bumble Hair Powder (which is actually an aerosol spray) is the one I've been looking for. I have long hair and a 3 year old. I do not have time everyday (or even every other day) to wash and style my hair. Hence, the use of the dry shampoo to dry cleanse my hair, getting rid of that greasiness that can hit the roots and sides (especially noticeable since I pull my hair into the mommy ponytail at least 5 days a week). Unlike other dry shampoos I've tried, this comes in colors to match your hair color! Genius. I first tried Oscar Blandi's version, and while it smelled of lemony deliciousness, as a brunette, the white spray left my hair a dusty, powdery mess, with a gray haze, even after multiple brush-outs. And I didn't detect any noticeable "cleansing." I also tried Ojon's Rub-Out Dry Cleanser, once. And only once, because after the first try, it clogged up and no matter what I do to unclog it, it's not coming out. But that one also seemed to leave a whitish haze. Not good. Maybe ok for you blondes out there, but brunettes and red-heads, steer clear. The B&b one gives some volume, which I dig. I only used it on my greasy spots (eeww!) but the directions say it can be used all, which I imagine would give a pretty voluminous style. It can also be used to blend in your roots . One caveat that the owner of the store where I bought this told me that because it is colored pigment that is going on your hair, be sure to brush through thoroughly and drape on old towel over your shoulders when spraying because it will get on your clothes and pillowcase. It is a little pricey (4 oz is $34), but at least it's working for me. And, therefore, I won't be working on my hair on Labor Day thanks to Bumble and bumble Hair Powder!


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