Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Pushy Salesperson - Chillax.

Ok, so I stop at the mall today and head to the Prescriptives counter at Macy's to get my foundation (Prescriptives Virtual Matte in Fresh Camellia). After wandering around the counter for several minutes, someone finally comes to assist me. I make the transaction very easy, handing her the bottle in the exact color I need, thinking I will be out of here in a flash. Of course, normally, I'd want to check everything out, look at new colors, etc., but not this morning. Anyway, in the course of about a minute, this girl tried to sell me on just about everything, and left me feeling really crappy. She attempted to pawn off on me: serum, primer, powder, moisturizer, different foundation, a brush, new colors of makeup, and yet she forgot my free gift (which just to make my experience more annoying, there was supposed to be a choice of color palette for the GWP and all that was left was the color palette I did not prefer). Now, I know these salespeople work on commission, and I, personally, would hate that, but she was so daggone pushy, I had to fight to keep my mouth shut and if I didn't need the foundation immediately, I would have left without it. Because not only was she pushy, she made me feel that what I did have on was obviously so hideous that I absolutely needed all these other products. I mean, I guess I am just a shiny, not-smooth face who has no clue how to put on makeup. I'm all for help - lots of cosmetic counter salespeople are very helpful and have great suggestions. But, jeez, you don't need to be all in my face - chill out! Be a little more subtle, for goodness' sake. Don't try and sell me the whole counter in 60 seconds. Girlfriend needs a lesson on how to sell. Or, rather, how NOT to.


PBW said...

An Aveda salesperson turned me off with her chirpy aggressiveness the other day. Blech.

Anonymous said...

That's why I like Sephora so much (well, one of the many reasons...)-- their salespeople aren't pushy (of course, it's my understanding they don't work on commission, either).