Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Want, I Want, I Want!

I love getting the Bliss catalog. I wish I could order everything in it - their fun product descriptions convince me I need every single item. Alas, no can do. But I still love when that catalog appears in my mailbox, like it did today. And in it, I found something that I may have to get. Lately, I have been admirably deep conditioning my hair on a weekly basis (before, it was like once every six months. Not very helpful.). Still, I do not have the long, shiny, lustrous locks I envy on others (think Kristin Davis, Penelope Cruz). A new item in the Bliss catalog might just help me achieve my goal. It's called the Hair Therapy Wrap. It's a terry wrap in which you insert three gel packs, place in the microwave for 80 seconds, and then put on your head for up to 30 minutes to make your conditioner even more effective by adding penetrating heat! Sweet.

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